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1988: Vittorio Airoldi follows the certificate of Gemology at the Italian Gemological Institute.

1990: John and Vittorio Airoldi begin the design activities and faceting of gemstones and
1999: the 01 November Giovanni Vittorio and start a new business , AIROLDI G&V Vittorio Airoldi ,
handicraft production and sale Jewels.

2000: July Vittorio Airoldi setter Goldsmith received his diploma at the 'IRIGEM of Rosa
2000: October , la Airoldi G&V Vittorio Airoldi got Trademark (MI * 1908) for his

2005: Vittorio Airoldi obtained a gemologist diploma for the diamond at L 'I.G.I. Antwerp

2015: Vittorio Airoldi he serves as an expert at the Chamber of Commerce of Lecco No. 769